Get ready for Chosen Suffering.

Life in the twenty-first century is designed for comfort—just look around. We have upgrades for everything—airfare, tickets to the big game, and even our phones. But what’s the true cost of comfort?  

Easy and elite were never meant to coexist. Throughout history elite high performers didn’t escape suffering—they embraced it. By carrying their cross they discovered their crown. 

Real champions aren’t born—they’re built. It’s true life, business, athletics, and faith. We must transcend physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual limits if we want to achieve ultimate victory. Author Tom Ryan calls this “chosen suffering.” He knows that success comes with a price, paid for by the daily choices we make. He also believes every person encounters “unchosen suffering,” the type that brings us to our knees. In Coach Ryan’s darkest hour, he and his wife discovered joy, peace, and hope.

In this raw and relatable book, you’ll learn how the death of a dream can lead you straight into the grace of God. Ryan shares the lessons that secured his University’s first-ever NCAA National Championship. You’ll discover his proven process for escaping average and embodying greatness. Elite isn’t by accident. It’s the intentional outcome of Chosen Suffering.

Become elite, starting today!